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B.O.T. CD Faeces Immobile Released march 2012. Contains a 15 minutes lasting rockopera in dutch.
On 'Een dag in mij' and ''Route 6666"" you can hear a fantastic hornarrangement by Obed Brinkman(trombone).Completed by Martijn van Loon(trumpet) and DJ Heinstra(sax)
Last called made the hornsarrangement on Oper AA. "General Douchekopf" is a tribute to the glorious rockband Thin Lizzy

1. Requiscat 7. Used to be girlfriend
2. General Douchekopf 8. Rock our lives
3. Een dag in mij 9. Heideschaap
4. Oper AA 10. You're a liar
5. Route 666 11. Boom! You're dead
6.Dimple Chin 12. Be my guest 13. Faeces Immobile