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Huis in de huis is an compilation CD with BOT songs live recorded in a small studio in Amsterdam.arcasse and No Fear are songs in which singer Erik n de Velde shows his soft and hard side. Also includes this CD songs of Trio Fiasco, a project of Martijn Louwes(drumcomputer, keyboard and vocals), Jorrit Kamminga(bassguitar and vocals) and Walter de Vries(guitar, vocals and soundseffects).

1. Brown Sabbath remix 10. The rise and fall of Babylon
2. De Overbuurvrouw 11. Geweldig
3. Op zoek naar evenwicht 12. Plomp
4. We walked the wrong beat 13. Leip
5. Psychotic 14. Habibi
6. Carcasse 15. Kosovo’s bevrijdings front
7. Don’t live in fear 16. No peace, no respect!
8. C mineur opus2 presto 17. Life in the city
9. Het ministerie van Banale en Onzinnge Zaken