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B.O.T. is an abbreviation of Banale Onzin Therapie(Banal Nonsense Therapy). The sense of nonsense in musical form. Compelling then agonizingly, happy or sad; the turn is usually unexpected. The lyrics are serious nonsense related and multilingual: Dutch, English, French, German , Arab, etc.

Erik' van de Velde Arthur van der Velde Walter de Vries Martijn Louwes Rolf van der Veer

From left to right:

Erik van de velde:vocals
Arthur van der Velde: bassguitar & vocals
Walter de Vries : guitar & vocals
Martijn Louwes: drums
Rolf van der Veer: guitar

Since 1994 Martijn Louwes and Walter de Vries played together in Mouse, Seconds Away and later in Baron Squeemore. Next at home they recorded songs at home with Jorrit Kamminga. This project was called Trio Fiasco
Then they met bassplayer Arthur van der Velde. The Aarsruis Foundation was born. The name was changed into B.O.T. Neil Kloosterhuis joined the band as leadguitarplayer and singer.

In 2002 BOT joined Het Rode Oortjes Festival(The red ears festival) in the Platformtheater.
In the preliminary round, they were declared 'Best of the Rest'. So they played in the final and won studiotime and a recording of their performance that night.
They also joined The talentscout,a preliminary round of De Grote prijs van Nederland(Grand Prix of the Lowlands). For Neil it's difficult to combine the succes of B.O.T. with his pub life and had to be dragged from the pub when we had to play. Finally he was kicked out of the band. Temporarily BOT continues to play as a power trio.

In a football game for Metamorfose at the summer evening competition in Groningen Walter de Vries discovered the vocal power of Erik van de Velde. He asked Erik to join B.O.T.. "Bommen Berend"(august 28) 2003 at De Kult Groningen, his debut as a singer was a fact. In Amsterdam they recorded their album Cream of the crap . At the end of 2004 guitar player Rolf van der Veer enforces B.O.T.. In 2005 Rosa blows occasionally along on her saxophone. She played two gigs with BOT.

August 2005 Walter de Vries with Eddy Huizing, former singer of The Chops, Boegies and Jammah Tammah, start the band ADHD Spietmobiel.
Arthur van der Velde and Martijn Louwes also step on this train.

BOT continues to compose new music. In the beginning of 2009 their latest CD was released: Bollox Listen to it and discover how the band has evolved as a real rock band!!!